Gleyfy Brauly singing Pink Floyd has gone Viral


It sounds so good that he doesn’t even need to know the lyrics

A posting on the social networks of Gleyfy Brauly re-creation of “Another Brick in the Wall” has gone viral.

All because of his very particular English, which he himself invented. The lyrics of the song is the reproduction of the sounds he understands and the result came to Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd, who posted: “It sounds so good that you do not even need to know the lyrics.”


Garanteed success. The artist has the busy schedule of shows and handle flight for the international career. “In December, I already have shows in Chile, Venezuela, Maceió, Divinópolis, Portugal.” Gleyfy Brauly, from Piauí to the world, with creativity and humor.


Gleyfy Brauly is a success in Brazil. Watch him singing Another Brick in the wall by Pink Floyd. 

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