Helsinki’s sign for ‘badasses’ could be the greatest tourism poster ever made


Helsinki in the Winter

The temperature in Helsinki  is currently hovering just above zero, but is set to drop to as low as -8C next week,  Finland’s winter sometimes sees the mercury fall to -50C.

But  Helsinki in November has only few hours of sunlight… and lots of muddy slush on the ground.  Fact is, Helsinki in November is probably the worst possible place you can imagine. It’s dark, wet and cold. You might have seen photos of beautiful snowbanks – well, you don’t usually find them in Helsinki.

Locals acknowledge the challenging and chilly conditions but have appealed to thrill-seekers with the amusing sign.

Finnish lapland reindeer2

So it’s a fitting show of admiration for travellers to the region that a sign hoisted high outside the capital’s airport praises the bravery of those passing through arrivals.

The banner, credit for which is due to the city’s tourist board and a two-day start-up festival called Slush, reads: “Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November.

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