Halloween goes scary for a mum when she finds drug in the child’s candy bucket.

Parents spend the whole childhood of their kids to convince them not to take any candy from a stranger, advising them about the dangers involved in someone giving drugs to the kids.

Except on Halloween when that rule, of course, doesn’t apply and the children are encouraged by bingeing on getting as many candies from strangers.

 In Keshena area of Menominee Indian Reservation, U.S.A, an entire community was forced to throw away their Halloween candy after a bag of the drug ice was discovered among one child’s trick-or-treat haul.

The child’s parent reported the small yellow bag containing a crystal-like powder in their child’s candy collection about 2.30am on Monday, a day after trick-or-treating took place.

The drugs found in the child’s Halloween candy. Image: Facebook/Menominee Tribal Police.

 Police later instructed all residents to throw away their children’s candy after the powder tested positive for methamphetamine.

Police said they believed it had happened on Sunday during a Halloween event in the area.

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