Angry woman on a plane forces a Qatar flight to land after she discovers her husband was having an affair.


A Qatar Airways plane has been forced to land midflight after a woman who used her sleeping husband’s thumb to unlock his smartphone discovered he was having an affair. Unfortunatelly Samuel L. Jackson was not on that plane to save the flight schedule.

The couple and their child were flying to Bali, Indonesia for a holiday after boarding in Doha. The woman repeatedly hit her husband after learning of his infidelity and the captain was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Chennai, India, when the cabin crew was unable to restore order and neither to serve popcorn to the other passengers.

Qatar has now received a considerable number of positive reviews online due to their schedule.

The family was then taken to a detention centre at the airport as they did not have an Indian visa before being put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

The woman and her husband, along with their child, were offloaded and the flight continued to Bali. Some other passengers did not seem to mind about the flight delay.

Well, time always flies when you are enjoying yourself.

– said one passenger

The plane’s crew failed to calm the wife, who it said was an Iranian national. “The woman had unlocked her husband’s phone using his thumb impression when he was sleeping and then blew her top after discovering his infidelity,” it reported.

The family spent the day at Chennai airport and left for Malaysia on a Batik Air flight at 10.30pm.

After the couple wash up the dirty in public and making news headlines, Qatar Airways declined to comment in order to protect its passengers’ privacy.

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