After years of studies, the reason why sharks attack humans has been discovered, they don’t like us.

Another summer comes and the game Sharks Vs. Western Australian Government continues. As in back last year, the Premier Colin Barnett gave orders to the Department of Fishries to start killing sharks after a woman was killed in Mindarie Beach by a shark.


I am glad the government is putting an effort to seek revenge on that shark who have been plotting for months the attack on a 60 years old woman at Mindarie Beach, Australia.

After several sharks attacks which occurred between 2013 and 2016. It is clear that their hate for humans have been growing in a rapid rate. The reason for their hate is still unknown, however it is believed sharks are racists, simply they don’t like humans.

The WA government has declared War against them by sending the Fisheries Department on a hunt to kill the dangerous 5 meters beast. As a result of this fatal incident, The WA Premier showed that sharks occupancy in OUR ocean will not be tolerated at any cost.

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