Australia says Yes on the National survey about same-sex marriage and Yes to Equality.

The result, announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday on 15th November,  will lead to consideration of a same-sex marriage bill in parliament with the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, promising marriage equality should be law by Christmas.

The news was received by many Australians with tears of joy following by marriage proposals on live televisions from couples who have been together for over 30 years and street commemorations in the major cities around the country.

Never in history, a YES meant so much as the ones from the National Survey same-sex marriage.

The news headlines and social media says ”Australia said yes to love” and ”yes to equality” like this post, but the truth is That YES certainly meant more than just a yes.  That YES was also a form of recognition to say that their love was no different than any other love. That YES also came in a form of a shy apology from our hypocrite society, for all the times’ someone had to say ” I am gay” like if they were saying they had a terrible disease.  That YES also screamed out ”Enough” enough to prejudice.

Congratulations, Australia!


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