Learn the most important law of life, the law of balance.


Right now stop for one second and look around you.

Look at nature how the sun sucks up particles of water from the air and then the clouds water all back to earth to water the trees that give us fruits and oxygen, the flowers that grow and feeds the bees and then the bees that distribute the pollen and supply the seeds to new flowers. Everything is balanced. Nature is in balance and in harmony, everything has its purpose. This is how the law of balance works.

Now look at your body, all your organs have a purpose and even the feeling of pain is a form of alerts like a red light that tells you that something requires your attention.  Even the sweat that has the purpose to cool down the body when it is too hot. Nothing is a coincidence of nature. That is because of the law of balance. It requires respect and harmony to balance everything out.

Religion is inside of you, it is called enlightenment. All other religions only cause wars but enlightenment causes peace. So be in harmony with yourself.

The Law of Balance

Act with generosity, kindness, and compassion.

If you give others rocks and spikes, that is what you will see in the path of your life.

If you give others flowers and smiles, that is what you will see in the path of your life.

Have absolutely no doubt of this.


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