Bali Volcano erupts, flights get cancelled and passengers get angry for not being able to take the risk of flying under the dangerous ash

BALI, INDONESIA –   After 2 months, the predictable arrives late but it doesn’t fail, as most of the meteorologist forecast the Mt. Agung volcano has finally erupted leaving the Bali airport closed and roughly 7,000 domestic and international passengers stranded at Ngurah Rai, Bali’s main airport. However some passengers at Bali international airport seemed surprised with the news even after 2 months of  the fuss in the media about the volcano. Passengers have also been affected by amnesia before heading to the airport, which prevented them from checking the news about the volcano. 

Some of the passengers were trying to seek information from airport officials while others were sitting or sleeping on the floor.

The volcano ash cloud is dangerous to breathe and hazardous to aircraft engines, which makes so obvious that is not safe to fly, the same obvious reason would be boarding on a plane with an inexperienced pilot. Under the same circumstances, would passengers be happy to board on a plane knowing the pilot has no experience even if the plane was due to deppart?

Gede Suantika, an official at the volcanology and geological disaster mitigation agency, said: “The activity of Mount Agung has entered the magmatic eruption phase.

“It is still spewing ash at the moment, but we need to monitor and be cautious over the possibility of a strong, explosive eruption.”

On Sunday, 26th November, the Indonesia’s center for volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation raised its aviation notice from Orange to Red.

Maureen Steele and Jackie Calabretta were scheduled to fly on the same Garuda flight via Bali to Jakarta for an orangutan tour.

“We were on the plane, all strapped in ready for departure, when the cabin crew announced they needed to wait 10 minutes to get clearance,” Ms Steele told AAP at Sydney Airport.

“They told us they didn’t get clearance so we all had to get off again.”

Passengers should be grateful for the update from the cabin crew.

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Mt. Agung Volcano Area. You can see through the distance where it is located.

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport Today

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport Today



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