Discover the real power behind Christmas time

A year has 360 days but none of these days seem to have so much effect on us as Christmas time.

Tacky decoration lights in stores that try to compete for your attention. Christmas trees made in China sold everywhere, piles of Christmas pudding at the supermarkets and the same old Christmas carol that is played over and over on TV and. But nothing of this matters to us.


It is not really about the date on the calendar but how we reevaluate ourselves as a person and our realisation about people who are really important in our life.

Parents who become so creatives with illusion-making  of Father Christmas, just to give their children the best present of all, something we can no longer have it, the purity of believing that the world is magical and worries-free. It is a way of saying ”make the most of it, whilst you can”. Because they know, It is not the truth that Father Christmas doesn’t exist that will be disappointing for them, it is discovering that you can no longer have all the wishes to come through by just sending a letter to an old man who has bad tasting in clothing.

Christmas is also discovery of the different roles we play with one life. A woman, who discovers herself as a mother. A man who discovers himself as a father and together they will find fulfilment in life as a family.

Now we hear about all types of love, the cheap ones that are said without any meaning to celebrities posts and on  T-shirts print as a fashion icon. There is also the expensive love, that are bought over material things, The unconditional ones that is silent but expressed by a dog that will always great you with happiness when you arrive at home and then tbere is the real love,  that resists over circumstances of life such as wrinkles, health check-up, savings balance and silly arguments and it doesn’t fade away with time.

But only the Christmas time can give us some insight of what is eternal love is, by making us to revive the past and to think of those are not physically present  with us anymore,  but still they will always be remembered, no matter how the numbers get quickly changed on the calendar.

However, don’t be sad because they are gone, be happy because they were part of your life. Memories is like a guest room in your mind, full of stuff you don’t use anymore but things that you don’t want to get rid off. So make this room only filled with good memories.

Christmas brings out the best of us, a learning that forgiveness is more valuable than arguments. Compassion is more valued than selfishness and having a home is more important than having a house.


But the real truth about Christmas, it is  a reminder from life to us.

That another year is gone and very deep inside our thoughts the undeniable truth that eventually, it can never be changed, we are not immortal.

We must take care of the simple and valuable things that really matters, what is your real fulfilment in your life? Are you proud of yourself when we look in the mirror? And to fire up the same old question back at ourselves ” have you been a good person this year?”

Then, we are gifted with another year as a second chance to do it better, to do it right. Some call this self-realisation act of  ”News year’s resolution”.



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