The truth about how lunges make you really lose weight

People wearing skimpy clothes on spray tanned hot bodies and with a big welcoming Hollywood smile and a phrase underneath the picture that says ” Do lunges”. How could you not resist to that? I bought into that. Lunges are the Botox of fitness. It is so cool, that people should have lunges party, get some kettle-bells, go wild!

But the problem is that nobody tells you that you will walk like a duck the next day after doing lunges. Self-tutorial training video are the most misleading advertising I have seen. It looks so nice and easy to follow. ” Harder! No Pain, No gain“. Wow, WTF would they say that?! Those sadomasochist who have no idea who you are! Because only you know who you are and that is not Chuck Norris.

What they forget to show you in those self-tutorial lunges video, it is the day after, when you start walking like a duck and people wonder why is wrong with you. Then you look at them like if you been ran over by a truck and they look right back at you like if they have no idea what you been through a lot. ”Don’t do lunges” – You say.

So what is actually Lunges? Well, it is getting get up from a toilet seat when the 2 sides of your bum are like if you been seating on an ant’s nest, wishing for a crane to lift you.


”It all fun, until you can’t get up the toilet seat”

But don’t get me wrong, lunges really makes you to lose weight, and do you know why? Because you can barely walk to the kitchen the next few days! Have you ever walked into a boxing ring and said ” Hey you, why not try punching into my legs and my bum today?”. Well do lunges and you will get the same feeling without the experience.

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