Modern Freedom

Don’t dye your hair green so you get a job. Put your milk cartoon into the recycling bin so your neighbours will approve you. Throw away some change into the charity bucket. Stare 9-5 hours at a computer screen. Talk like this & walk like that. Do a nose job or maybe do a boobs job. Then update your Facebook profile with the new you, check out how many likes you got and revaluate how beautiful you are. Work hard & Save up to pay the mortgage. Pop in some survival drugs: eat, sleep, wake up, fuck and repeat. Eat organic, it is better for you. Have an opinion to be respected or don’t have an opinion to have friends. Exercise daily so you don’t get fat but also so you don’t get too skinny either. Smoke to look cool and also don’t smoke to look healthy.

Freedom is so overrated. Don’t you think?

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