Cyclist fined $400 for taking on the phone. This is babysitter land!

PERTH –  A cyclist in the suburbs of Perth, Australia has been fined $400 for talking on the phone while cycling. Traffic Enforcement Group Inspector Mike Sparkman said under WA laws in place since 2011, motorists and cyclists were treated the same when it came to mobile phone usage.


Inspector Sparkman said cyclists should park their bike safely in order to make or receive phone calls. The cyclist tried to argument that she was talking to her daughter on the phone.

When an Australian travels abroad, most of people are curious to know if Aussies ride Kangaroos to work, but since Australia is the babysitter country of the ” No, You Can not”.  It will only be a matter of time when pedestrians might have to wear a helmet when living home. Then, Australians might have to embrace this lie and ” yes, we do ride Kangaroos”.  It is be less stupid than than admitting

Fine for talking on a mobile phone while driving going up to $433 in November. The fine for talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving a car is going up to $433. Drivers will also lose 4 demerit points, that is up from 3 points. Now Just because you are a cyclist, don’t think you can escape the babysitter land’s fine.

Law enforcement is closing in to anything with legs or wheels with using a mobile

  Acting road safety commissioner Iain Cameron said laws around mobile phone usage also applied to people riding horses, mobile scooters on the road.

Cyclists using footpaths were not exempt either.

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