Can you guess the mystery about this pool?

LONDON – The world’s first 360-degree infinity pool is set to be built on a London skyscraper, 220 metres in the air, but despite an amazing view of London, the really interesting fact about this pool is the ”how do you actually get to the pool?” Can you figure out this mystery?

The pool, called Infinity London, was designed by Compass Pools and would feature on top of a luxury hotel in the centre of the city.

To call this a pool with a view would be an understatement. London, England will have what is reportedly the world’s first sky-high 360-degree rooftop infinity pool in 2020.


Infinity Pool 360 degrees 

Though Infinity London’s is set to the only 360-degree infinity pool on a rooftop, it won’t be the only high-sky pool you can visit. Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore has a rooftop infinity pool on the 57th floor of the hotel (thought the views are not 360 degrees). It’s 492 feet long and extends across three tower buildings and is billed as the “world’s largest rooftop infinity pool,” according to the website. It opened in 2010.

Ok, so Let’s see if you figured this out.



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