This is story of the real JOKER, read it, if you have the stomach for it.

Joker is one of best films of all times and yet, it seduces with disturbing and brilliant scenes. Joaquin Phoenix do deserve the Oscar, but underneath the Hollywood film a tragic reality.

As I went to the cinemas to watch Joker, I sat on that chair and felt my body paralysed, the only thing moving was my stomach churning fear inside of it. Joker suppose to be an interesting film but instead it was the most scary film I have ever seen, because it was not like I could leave the cinemas and say at the end ‘Ah don’t worry, it is not real’. That Joker was very real, everyday a Joker walks around in the world, fed up of how society treats them like garbage and then it is like a reality check on how the world is really so fucked up.

As the film kept on rolling and my fear churring, I had Deja Vu from my university studies in journalism. It brought me back to year 2000 and the story of the Bus 174 that happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a young man from a poor background named Sandro do Nascimento. One day, Sandro takes a bus hostage, held passengers as hostages for four hours. The event was caught live on television. Sandro would go in front of cameras and to scream with anger ‘I am going to kill everyone!’ The media surrounded the bus and the police was struggling to negotiate with him. The reason why? Sandro didn’t make any requests. Sandro already got what he wanted. He wanted to be seen.

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On the window he makes the hostage to write ‘ He is crazy and he is going to kill everyone’

At 06:50 PM local time, Nascimento exited the bus, using schoolteacher Geisa Firmo Gonçalves as a human shield. As Nascimento’s attention was being held in one direction, an officer armed with a submachine gun approached Nascimento from behind. Just prior to the officer reaching him, Nascimento turned directly toward the officer and reacted by jerking away from the officer, falling to the ground, taking Gonçalves with him.

What shocked the world, wasn’t this tragedy. It finding out who Sandro Nascimento’s  past.

According to Nascimento’s relatives, he witnessed the murder of his mother. Shortly after the incident, Nascimento ran away from his home to vagabond on the streets. He became a homeless kid on the street and he was the only survivor of another shocking tragedy that happened years ago in Brazil. A tragedy that was brutal.

Nascimento resided in the area of Candelaria, a historical church in Rio de Janeiro, where he witnessed the Candelaria church massacre on July 23, 1993. Brazilian policemen killed eight adolescents and injured several others. Nascimento was unharmed, and cited the event during his hostage situation. Yes homeless kids were brutally murdered whilst they slept and got shelter under this church. It makes you think what type of person has the guts to do something like that to innocent kids who have already suffered so much, and the answer goes around confronted by other questions ‘ what type of society is that?’ Then we look at the output from this society, a boy who replied to these questions with anger.

Nascimento and Joker, are the villains and the victims in their own stories, people who wanted to be validated to society as ‘person’. A professor in psychology who was helping us with the studies at university said that, when we are a kid and we make those silly scramble drawings and and we show to our parents and they make a comment on the drawing, it validates us as a person. It shows that we are part of something. Self-aware.

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I’ve never conquered that fear in the stomach

For 6 months I had to study this story at university. I was studying journalism and my professor insisted in giving us the worse cases to see if we had the stomach of steal required to face journalism in Brazil. Which was basically like covering wars. She then assigned me to cover criminal investigation, like rats sitting on the corner of the police station. It was when a crazy man entered the station, accused of a brutal crime and with the community shouting outside wanting to do justice with bear hands. I couldn’t even look at the man, I couldn’t comprehend how, when, why. It was too fucked up. I left the police station without completing my task and that was the day that I buried journalism. I would rather to take to people something positive. I refuse to be associated with anything to do violence.

I sincerely despise any sort of violence. Although, we almost feel sorry for Joker and Sandro Nascimento, we should not glorify them. They caused pain to others and violence is the most disgusting thing in the world.

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