Angel Caught on Camera. Real or Hoax? This is what I found out,

China – On 5th September 2012 a CCTV Camera has caught this footage, apparently an angel caught on camera. I’ve seen it many times circulating around the internet. After the video went viral, eye brows were raised wether this video was real or a hoax. So a very reliable source: the internet, has started the rumours that this was a marketing campaign made by a Gaming Company called Perfect World Gaming to promote the new video game called  Zhu Xiam 2 (I really can not pronounce that!)

Since watching this video, I have been curious to find out the truth. So here is what I found out after consulting the universe’s brain: Google.

I don’t want to give spoilers, but after researching about it, I came to this question:

What if, the marketing marketing was actually the hoax of this story from a footage that defines our knowledge and can’t be explained.




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