The dirty truth about Listerine

About a decade ago,  we used whatever was given to us growing up. If it was soap, shampoo, toilet paper, or mouthwash, we pretty much had no choice. And for many years, your choices in mouthwash were either Scope or Listerine.

As awareness of mouthwash has increased, so have your options; however, Listerine still seems to be the brand most people think about when they hear the word “mouthwash.”

But is it really effective? What is really the story behind the liquid that gives you sensation like if your mouth is on fire.



But yes! That is exactly the the idea behind Listerine,  just to make you feel like if that burning sensation is doing something good in your mouth like extermination of any type of bacteria, thanks to the huge amount of alcohol as the main ingredient.

Experienced dentists are far more likely to prescribe water + salt for a mouthwash to kill bacteria rather than Listerine.

So the short answer is a resounding NO. Listerine has been around for decades, but while the company has tried to improve its image by coming out with different flavors, the main ingredients remain the same… with the most noxious and unsafe ingredients being the alcohols.